Archive 2009-10

Week Theme First Half Second Half
1 Premiere Dogma
2 Quest for Earth Sliders Battlestar Galactica(2004 series)
3 Cancelled(Tech Failure)
4 President's Night Look around you Star Trek:Wrath of Khan
5 Halloween Dracula(1958) Pitch Black
6 Parody Night Galaxy Quest Star Trek:The Original Series
7 Social
8 Secretary's Night Terminator:Sarah Connor Chronicles Dark City
9 Fairytale and Myth MirrorMask Pan's Labyrinth
10 Bring Your Own Spaced Ed Wood
11 Event Officer's Night Legend of the Seeker
12 Christmas Showing Die Hard Christmas Specials(general)
13 Blockbuster Dorian Gray Star Trek(2009)
14 Seven of Six's Night Iron Man The Incredible Hulk
15 Hitchcock Night Rear Widow The Birds
16 Pirates Vs. Ninjas Muppet Treasure Island Power Rangers:The Movie
17 Fantasy Night Clash of the Titans(1981) Hellboy 2
18 Treasurer's Night Invader Zim Supernatural
19 Elections and Cartoon Night Dexter's Lab Phineas and Ferb
20 Tech Monkey's Night The Road to El Dorado Star Wars IV:A New Hope
21 Geekfest
22 Bring Your Own Twelve Monkeys The Last Starfighter
23 Geek Night Fanboys Mallrats
24 Quiz Night Quiz Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog