Archive 2011-12

Week Theme First Half Second Half
1 Premiere Thor Paul
2 Pilot Night Game of Thrones and Falling Skies No Ordinary Family and FlashForward
3 Dark Night Hellboy Dark City
4 Events/Tech Monkey's Night The Thirteenth Floor Event Horizon
5 Pixar vs. Dreamworks Night Monsters, Inc. Megamind
6 Halloween Sleepy Hollow Halloween(1978)
7 Stargate Night Stargate Stargate SG-1
8 World Cinema Night Pan's Labyrinth Let the Right One In
9 Alien Invasion Night The Thing(1982) Battle Los Angeles
10 El Presidente's Night Primer Masters of the Universe
11 Magic Night Labyrinth Hocus Pocus
12 Christmas Winter is Coming social
13 Bring Your Own Black Dynamite Gabriel
14 Treasurer's Night Iron Man 2 Red Dwarf
15 Blockbuster Night X-Men: First Class Batman(1989)
16 Puppetry Night The Muppet Movie Jason and the Argonauts(1963)
17 Valentine's Night Stardust The Princess Bride
18 Spoof Night Spaceballs Galaxy Quest
19 Best of British Flash Gordon Fawlty Towers
20 Zombie Night The Walking Dead Evil Dead
21 Secretary's Night High Fidelity and The Venture Bros Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire
22 Dystopian Night Repo! The Genetic Opera The Running Man
23 Action Hero Night Mad Max Shanghai Noon
24 AGM